Summer Solstice 2016 - Building today for preparing the future - Rito Scozzese Antico ed Accettato - Giusrisdizione per il Mediterraneo - Rosae Crucis Ordo

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Summer Solstice 2016 - Building today for preparing the future

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Ordo  ab  Chao

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
for the Mediterranean
Rosae Crucis Ordo
Mediterranean Jurisdiction

Summer Solstice 2016

The ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE – ROSAE CRUCIS ORDO for the MEDITERRANEAN JURISDICTION has celebrated the anniversary of the Summer Solstice 2016 in a Convent at the Zenith of the Mediterranean. The Ritual Masonic Body, the Grand Masters and the Venerable Masters of the Mediterranean Grand Lodge, the National Grand Lodge of Ancient Freemasons of Italy, the International Mediterranean Grand Lodge, and the Grand Lodge of Sicily, have taken part at the closure of the ritual works, the Supreme Council has approved the Document entitled “Building today for preparing the future

Summer Solstice 2016

Document of Supreme Council of the 33rd :.
Degree and last grade of the Sovereign Grand Inspector Generals of the

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
for the Mediterranean
Rosae Crucis Ordo
Mediterranean Jurisdiction

Building today for preparing the future
It is not easy to speak of the Universal Freemasonry in this historical moment: since long, unfortunately, the characters of its universality have been overshadowed, the signs of the Unique Identity that featured in previous centuries the work of the Masons in the quest of truth, in the search of the common Good.

In the recent decades a slow disruptive process favored by the lack of any direction, lack of guidelines from the world summits of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, caused a state of confusion in the various existing programmatic Ritual Bodies, which, at the end, were left with few real points of reference and seems suited of an endless fragmentation. A situation that we felt in the first years of the third millennium and that led, as an inevitable consequence, in February of 2010 to the establishment in Malta of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite - Ordo Rosae Crucis, the Mediterranean Jurisdiction. It could be considered as an unrealistic act, but it was and it still  considered as an act of great responsibility: a necessity, wanted to determine the prospect digging the foundations of a Common  Mother House for all the Mediterranean Masons. The known profane events, tragically occurred over the last few years, have shown to us that the road we started was  the only possible one.

Years later our efforts have been strengthened, thanks to the work done, we joined brothers who share this pathway not only as a rite, but also as an Order, having also created at the same time the appropriate structure, the Big East Mediterranean. What we have done is not a small thing: we have been able to define the necessary tools to join - while keeping intact the individual autonomies - Brothers belonging to different communions, but with a common root, the Scotticicm, in the most sublime meaning. Now we need to increase efficiency aggregating Dialogue that takes both the Ritual Bodies, both with the existing Grand Lodges in the Mediterranean.
We acted for faith, an indispensable prerequisite, digging the foundations for the construction of the Temple, we have defined the Motherhouse Municipality, where people meet and work in harmony to achieve common goals in the institutional world and project on the profane world to reach the final destination, the world Heritage list.
If we look reality we see that almost all the countries of the Mediterranean basin suffer of internal divisions and wars, with the pressure and constant danger of terrorism.

We planned all that happened in recent years and reported through the documents of our Supreme Council and published on Internet. Our Voice was an isolated one, as nothing at all was expressed by the World Freemasonry. Today, this is not enough anymore.
Conscious that wars will not be bringing any Peace, that only the means used by the little no-political wills can stop, we are sure that our Institution will be able to cause a change to chaos that occurs now, back to Order.
This will be possible if you manage to build that dialogue which no one has ever wanted to open, or attempted to open, with the Brothers of the Mediterranean, to which we must recognize the same needs that we perceive.
Today we need a new season to get out of the doldrums immobility and indifference, factors which can easily involve all of us, given the conditions in which we find ourselves at individual and collective level. It must be the name to guide us and not improvisation: we have to be interpreters and protagonists of initiatives able to determine the Turn.

No coincidence that we chose Malta as the cardinal seat of the Uniting planning and Gathering what is scattered or exclusively contained in its own bed. Malta as a center of the Mediterranean, Sicily and Rome as "doors" of Europe.
As enshrined in our Constitutive Acts, the lens, become imperative today it is to weave and strengthen relationships with the Masonic Community of the Mediterranean if we want there to be a tomorrow
by this Directive that the Supreme Council will move, making use of all available energies.
As the ultimate goal and how imperative it is stated: it must restore identity and dignity to Universal Freemasonry. And the signal part from what we have been able to build and the will to go right away without delay to tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow if you fail today. Enunciate, to share but not practicing is the primary way for others, with other goals, to go ahead and impose, without even much effort, its policies in the world.

Beyond our programmatic intentions our attention should be once the conditions of the Mediterranean countries, in reality they live every day.
And 'necessary to reflect on Islam-Europe relationship, about the different cultural identities, and the disruptive role of migration. It is of vital importance for the present and the future of European civilization, of our way of life, democracy, freedom of thought. The spread of the many Islamic presence in the countries of the continent, certainly galvanized by the highly generous recurring and not disinterested donations from Arab regimes, is creating an infinite range of relationship issues between conflicting diversity, cohabitation forced incompatible, ditches difficult to fill. The danger is not Islam but those who use Islam as a political tool of ruthless and aggressive action, disruptive and destabilizing. Islam cannot be identified with jihadist terrorism, but it is this impulse that are played misunderstandings in which it is easy to fall, and at the same time in the name of the instrumental "defense" of Islam that are played intrusive political games and mystifying.

• Therefore, we need to reflect on the meaning of the misguided policies of indiscriminate and uncontrolled reception of migrants / refugees who do not wear the vaunted integration between different cultures, but to a creeping subjugation of European culture to a new piloted Islamic Middle Ages and imposed by unknown forces. And about We would like to take into account the common denominator of the many segments that are characterizing what you want to understand how the Islamic world today: that of the "conquest" of the triumph over the infidels, the cancellation of the secular state, the legitimacy of power political through identification with the religious power, in a theocracy with no possible openings. If this were really the scenario that is being built, talk about Islam it would be to highlight the total incompatibility of Islam with Western civilization. But it is not, or should not be. The "civilization" will meet and compare, while respecting their diversity: the "clash" is equivalent to the domination over others and this is not acceptable and you cannot remain indifferent.
• You should understand that the problem is not Islam, but its supposed universal vocation to impose a pseudo individual morality. We believe that at this historic moment Europe is not "ready" to an integration as presented: to a coexistence perhaps, but with regulated conditions. It is not a question of tolerance. Just consider, in fact, the question of immigration / refugees who still do not want to understand its true nature and in its actual size, and of which you do not know the "real" origins, preferring hypocritically recline on terms such as hospitality and solidarity to cover a dangerous situation  about to escalate. Europe is not the new world of Columbus, migrants, it is true, fleeing from war but from countries that are wealthy and from which the West depends for the energy sources. The wealth is in those countries from which migrants are fleeing: a paradox, when one considers the current unstabled economic conditions in Europe.
• We need to understand the addresses that Pope Francis is giving to Christianity in relationship with the Islamic religion and in reference to the forced adoption of a "multiculturalism" that can lead to a "de-Christianization" overall. Today, Christianity appears marginal and irrelevant in Europe. Religion faces a striking demographic and ideological Islamic challenge, while the members of the Jewish communities fleeing the new anti-Semitism after Auschwitz. In such circumstances, a synthesis between the old continent and Islam as one opposite part would be a waiver of the claim to have the Europe of  tomorrow. We must fully understand what it means to the lack of commitment of the Pope to denounce the terrible fate of Christians in the Middle East: Pope Francis never calls by name those responsible for violence against Christians and the word never pronunciation "Islam." He recommended to welcome migrants, but ignores that these uncontrolled waves of migration are transforming Europe, gradually, in a colony of a Caliphate without a country. The earthquake going on in the Church should read all 'inside of a complicated geopolitical and ideological confrontation planetarium. A fight where one can see, or rather, is "sensed" the protagonists that promote it. Then you should think about the purpose of the economic powers that periodically come together (see the Bilderberg Club) to subject to their rules the whole world in the name of a New Order, after, of course, have given the chaos. As by several parties is detected, the "clash" c 'is also the key to understanding the political events of recent years: the German domination of the EU; criminalization and Putin's isolation; the tumult for Brexit. All contours of an unconventional war that emerge thanks to the sunset of Obama, the irruption of the so-called "populism" in Europe were born as a reaction to the EU technocratic (German) and following the earthquake represented by the success of Trump, a foreign body for the American Caste, made up of Democrats, Wall Street, and (some) Republicans.
• We should give space to the analysis on the state of the Mediterranean countries, after the alleged "Arab spring"; we should speak of the signed Protocols and never applied, like those of Barcelona of 1975 and 1995, the latter known as the Euro Mediterranean Partnership which was aimed for creating a policy to ensure the safety and stability of the Mediterranean region, including through the writing a charter for the stability and security of the Mediterranean; we should mention the lack of economic development in the Mediterranean region, and the creation of a consistent and strong cultural exchange between the civil societies of the member countries, all assumptions of a Mediterranean sea of initiated processes of Peace that have not been landlocked since non-functional to the interests of multinationals and economic power groups, which probably pursue the goal of the destruction of Europe precisely through the penetration of Islam, under the deceptive guise of globalization, multiculturalism and world peace, and prevent it balances the historical alliance between Europe and Russia.

By sharing these reflections you can find a meeting point and, once united, face a situation that is becoming a more tragic day. Dialoguing with unity of purpose, perhaps you can find a solution and act accordingly.
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