Winter Solstice 2015 - From the darkness of the abyss - Rito Scozzese Antico ed Accettato - Giusrisdizione per il Mediterraneo - Rosae Crucis Ordo

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Winter Solstice 2015 - From the darkness of the abyss

R.S.A.A. - Our documents
Ordo  ab  Chao

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
for the Mediterranean
Rosae Crucis Ordo
Mediterranean Jurisdiction

The ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE for the Mediterranean Jurisdiction – has celebrated the anniversary of the Winter Solstice 2015 in a Convent at the Zenith of the Mediterranean. The Ritual Masonic Body, the Grand Masters and the Venerable Masters of the Mediterranean Grand Lodge, the National Grand Lodge of Ancient Freemasons of Italy, the International Mediterranean Grand Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Sicily, have taken part at the closure of the ritual works, the Supreme Council has approved the Document entitled “From the darkness of the abyss
Ordo  ab  Chao

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
for the Mediterranean
Rosae Crucis Ordo
Mediterranean Jurisdiction

From the darkness of the abyss
On the eve of a new year which already looks full of unknowns, many doubts on whether to present a document of the Supreme Council of the Grand General Inspectors: the wall of silence raised by world leaders of the Masonic institution on what happens globally has suggested, however, to continue on the path laid out for years. The reality that every day is shown by all the media, promises apparently new scenarios that are, instead, the result of events occurring in distant historical periods and in far less time.

Formulate proposals, share them but  not to practice has allowed those who have held the power to reach ruthless goals, to go ahead and impose, without even much effort, its policies. Now is no longer enough to be the watchmen guarding an outpost on the chaos.

The scholars of the sociological, organizational and institutional phenomena have warned: all over the planet, with different shades, comes forward a nefarious purpose, to rule by fear.

The current reality, from a geopolitical point of view,  is difficult to read, considering the variables to connect and to interpret.
Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the crisis of the communist bloc has crumbled the bipolar vision of the world, gradually replaced by the dominance of the globalization of markets, in a context of rapid, uncontrolled and uncontrollable technological innovation, with computer networks launched in plots that often pursue crossing interests.

The traditional identities characterizing the most developed areas of the planet have somehow suffered an apparent strong approval, with the loss of the function of the National States, engulfed in purely financial aggregates.

They have undergone momentous changes traditionally backward countries, with rapid growth in populations and needs of gigantic proportions. China, India, Brazil have gradually expanded its presence in the world market, starting with the huge stock of labor available at low cost. To acquire quickly and forcefully spaces in the international division of labor in other historical periods would have resulted in the formation of alliances and the occurrence of armed clashes. In the century of the balance of nuclear terror, this has generated an endless instability, resulting in frantic search of new and temporary equilibrium, with the West and still subject to attacks and trading recriminations, transformed by local conflicts in a pressure cooker , kept under a minimum verification from organizations like the ONU or the NATO itself, which now seem totally inadequate.

Requirements related to the encroachment led forces territorially circumscribed in a reckless hoarding of important energy resources and raw materials. The vested interests and the obvious policy of the major powers in their own areas of influence, have caused destabilization and existing balances have been under discussion by unexpected subjects to search for new structures of domination. Our century appears as a result the time of the dissolution of any dominant position and darkening of the traditional role of the West, struggling with an incurable crisis of identity, in a scenario where are proposed Theocracies and Obscurantism of all kinds. The West seems to start his unraveling, ready to drown in blood its traditional values: democracy, freedom, tolerance, respect for the other. The decadent West seems to have given up the defense of its civilization embracing under the false humanitarian label desperate human flows, which will not be able to integrate, but can only absorb denying its own values. The West knows only mourn its dead, generated by a seemingly unstoppable spread of terrorism, but is forced to do so in a soft way, by not facing the real causes of the problem.

These considerations are applied to Europe, became exclusively a pure financial abstraction,  where the aims of the few outweigh the need to rediscover the pride of belonging, to react to any kind of aggression. All that is reflected by the instrumental inaction of the USA, intending  to continue in pursuing its goals in the present and anywhere, regardless of the dire consequences of the choices they make. The only reality diverging from this laxity and guilty defeatist stands Putin's Russia, actor who in this situation  shows  solitary determined to fill the role of the bank to the apparently unstoppable jihadist advance. The changed roles are recreating frictions that  reminisce the dangerous years of the cold war, with different segments of conflicts apparently  isolated, but in effect openly provoked by the conflicting requirements of the great powers.
Ultimately our century  might be referred  as the century of chaos, of disarticulation, of the widespread and  permanent conflicts , of the race to the abyss of self-destruction.

Now we have come to the fear of the "war at home", random and irregular, perfect to minimize the interference in the government of the things.  The Contractual Myths of the past have handed a concept of fear that sought policy responses through the shared writing of founding pacts. The release of the fear was the basis of the contract which supported the  joining to the community. In the fear of today, however, there is a grim resentment that needs to designate an enemy, a culprit among us. The search for scapegoats has returned to be the simplest solution.
In the West are fed rumors praising a "new order": perhaps this is the boost to the destabilization that has already plunged many countries into chaos. It is forgotten   the affirmation of Dag Hammarskjold “deserves the power who every day just makes it right": those who presume to be able to govern the chaos wants a society without soul, nor certainties. So the opportunistic logic of profit and of the cornering are making the myopic policies of the indiscriminate accumulation of resources of the planet. So in a growing paroxysmal remain knees entire populations that see altered their territories.

This context raises the inevitability of a reflection that for us Masons is the challenge of the present  days, the one that requires  us the current global crisis: to continue, not to stop. Refuse to be engaged by the emotion caused by serious events that took place in recent months in the Countries bordering the Mediterranean. The absolute absenteeism of the  Masonic World Institution must not lead us to the immobility or, even worse, to a forced indifference. The initiatives committed to our home from jihadist terrorism, the result of a misinterpretation of Islam , certainly are not acceptable and does not meet the reality, affect us like the innocent victims and should lead us to a greatest action, an action that is able to penetrate the minds of the skeptics, the disillusioned, of those who believed in the sacred principles of the Institution, born and still suited to the search of the "common good"; just that World Institution  whose leaders seem to have confined to anything the expectations of those who have believed and still  continue to be considered "Free Men."
A big burden weighs on our shoulders, facing  the complete vacuum that is characterizing Freemasonry of our times: to continue the work started decades ago, collecting the thousand roots that still emerge from the arid ground of the insipience, giving them new vitality, to come back to bloom the hopes of a future that we will not consider lost.

A challenge, a mission? Not only : more simply a "Must", our "Duty", the one we imposed to us when we created the Ancient Accepted Scottish RiteJurisdiction of the Mediterranean-Rosae Crucis Ordo. We were aware from the beginning that we would meet obstacles in our path; we also expected that the situation in the Mediterranean region would suffer a degeneration without limits; we predicted that brothers of the same land would be placed against each other, overwhelming landmarks considered unshakable. Notwithstanding many exact analysis we have presented to the Masonic World (and to the profane one, always making visible and accessible our documents) no answer came, no institutional summit was able ( or disposed ) to seize the cry of alarm launched. Now there is fear: the terrorist ferocity  strikes fear in the world, and yet  the Masonic hierarchy give no indication , they do not suggest solutions and continue to remain silent. But silence is no longer acceptable, there is no excuse that can justify the absence of those who always have the inescapable duty to work for the "common good". Our Institution is not a "consortium", or a convivial association, nor a business lobby, but from the profane world generally it is reputed like that. And it is understandable, since no initiative to demonstrate the opposite is brought forward.
Although it may seem paradoxical, from a long  time we are left few in the field, in a tragic loneliness that, however, has never dampened the action: groped to join what is scattered and maybe confused. An action that has never stopped, despite the apparent slowness in reaping the rewards.

Now more than ever must be given body and substance to the "Duty" of not to stop, to continue the work with greater force, without being distracted by events that can worsen the state of things.
Now more than ever we need a revival of consciousness : it is not enough just to bring together what is scattered, if you do not have the knowledge that it's time to get to where others do not come, informing without mystifing.

It is in the Mediterranean area – free  zone of chaos - where we live that is  plaied  the future of the "common good". It is essential to find the reason of our being, stabilizing the Mediterranean: this is our Task / Duty, this is the Task / Duty of all those who consider themselves Free Men. This is the aim to reach.
It is essential to give value and function to the reason, it is essential to give value and function to the consciousness, the only bulwarks to the wanted and determined chaos.
From the crushing it is not born the balance. From opportunistic coalitions comes the confusion.
By the union is regained the identity and the reason for being Masons: only this could break the wall between the certain and the uncertain of the future.

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